Friday, September 30, 2011

Parenting Tip #1: Fill them with pizza and sugar and send 'em on their way!

James and I had kid duty friday evening.  Three of them to be exact.  The last time Reva was at our house she said to me, "Jana I can't wait until you start having children because half of this stuff will be ruined"  Ok, so I admit, my house isn't exactly child friendly.  I guess the only thing in our house that kids would want to play with is our Wii.  Thank goodness for the Wii.

I told Reva to have the kids bring some toys so they wouldn't be bored out of their mind.  I decided to supplement some of that time with a fun cooking project.  Monster eyeballs.  It seemed cool enough and I would get points as a "fun aunt".  Chloe did say she loved her auntie numerous times during the night:)  After taking them to the park, I looked at James and said, "Do you think we are ready to handle this?"  He said "of course we are". 

The Olson kids are great though, so sweet and always full of laughs.  James and I love to be around them. 

A couple quotes that made my favorite list tonight:

Chloe:  I love Autumn! know, Autumn is another word for Fall.
Jana: where did you learn that Chloe?
Chloe: Bonnie!

I looked at James to see if he knew what she was talking about and he said, "BARNEY, you know the purple dinosaur."  Gotta love her New Yorker accent.

Walking to the park,
Chloe: Why are we walking sooo slow?
Jana: Well, pregnant women walk quite a bit slower.  Did you know that?
Chloe: I did not know that, my mom did not tell me this.

And of course, Zayah talking to "Odis" and giving him commands all night long.  It is pretty darn cute.

Those kids just cling to James.  He is so good with them, I know he is going to make one heck of a father.