Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3rd Annual Memorial Weekend Campout

It wasn't the greatest weather, but we all survived.  The rain, lightning, hail, tornado warnings and all!  James and I got to whip out the tent we got for Christmas and it was a sweet tent.  Reva couldn't stop talking about how there was a door that swung open and close and it also had velcro to enforce the door to stay shut.  It was kind of comical how much she talked about it.  I especially liked the color.  We roasted marshmallows, played badminton, I brought silly string (which apparently wasn't a great idea) we had glow sticks, cooked hot dogs and brats over the fire, we explored around Red Wing, went to the park, used the porta-potties....we did it all no matter what the weather may have brought.  I call that true campers camping. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still feels NEW at 32!

This past weekend was my parents-n-law 32nd wedding Anniversary.  James thought it would be nice to take them to a Twins game since they had yet to see the new Stadium.  They came up to the cities Saturday night and we were quite the wild bunch, catching up, eating pizza and finally hitting the pillows at 9:30.  Yes, 9:30. 

We left early for the game so we could walk around the stadium.  It turned out to be a gorgeous day with the sun shining.  However, the wind was not our friend.  We had a great view, right behind home plate on the second level.  James did NOT dress appropriately, but somehow got a really nice Twins sweatshirt out of it which I will most likely be borrowing (you're welcome hun).   The Twins lost...BIG TIME, but we still had fun. 

I asked Lois and Bob what their secret was and they said they didn't have one just that they are great friends, so James and I are on the right track:)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I have this addiction of looking on CL under the pet section for puppies.  I know, it is ridiculous.  I will then send whatever adorable pictures I find to James via email while I am at work and ask if we can buy the puppy.  I always get the same answer over and over again.  No.  You think I would learn, I certainly don't.  I continue to look and I continue to ask.  I think I secretly hope I will wear him down one of these days:) 

Anyway, back to my real point, so I am browsing the adorable puppies and I come across an adult sphynx cat, I'm curious so I click on the ad....WHY would anyone in their right mind be actually interested in buying this hideous looking creature??  I even googled the baby version of the thing - WHAT?  It doesn't make me want to say aww, look at that cute little makes me want to get a brown paper bag and cover it up.  I would of course put a few holes for air so it can breathe (I'm not that mean).  Remember that friends episode where Rachel went out and bought a sphynx cat and it was ridiculously expensive?  That was a GREAT episode, watch it.