Thursday, May 24, 2012

One note at a time


 I recently got a job teaching piano.  It seemed to be the best fit for me to continue to stay at home with Sophia during the days.  Teaching has turned out to be very exhausting.  A four hour shift feels more like ten.  It could be the fact that I teach mostly all 5 and 6 year olds.  That can be a challenge in itself.
I have grown quite fond of all of my students that I teach.  If anything, they provide a lot of entertainment, I never know what they will say next.

Quotes while teaching piano:

Jana: "Good Job!"
Student:  "Yeah, you're welcome"  (reminds me of a mini-james)

Jana: "Oh, nice picture, is it a horse?"
Student:  (Looking at me like I'm an idiot) " is a waterfall"

Jana: "I can't hear you saying the names of the notes"
Student: "I'm whispering them"
Jana:  "Well don't"
Student:  "well, I wanna be able to hear the SONG!!"

Student: "I'm leaving you in the dust" (while playing a warm-up with me, and then did an evil laugh)

Student: "I need to leave the room"
Jana:  "Why is that?"
Student:  "I need to yawn"  (They aren't allowed to yawn in lessons, it is a rule...hey I didn't make the rules)

Student:  Plays a wrong note "Just kidding"
Jana:  "oh you were kidding on that one?"
Student:  "Yes, in my life I like to joke around"

(student hasn't even been in lessons for 2 minutes)
Student: "How many more minutes until I get to leave"

Student: (has a cold) "I can't go to my school carnival tonight because of my cold.  You know a cold is like a fire, if you blow on the fire it SPREADS all over the place, so like my cold, if I cough and don't cover my mouth it spreads and gets out of control" (then he starts hacking....trying to cover his mouth but not doing a very good job.)

Never a boring day with these kids.  Never.

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